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doctrine? >>> and, star crossed. one of the world's biggest movie stars, the tom cruise of india, held for questioning at an american airport. he says it's because he's a muslim. it's become an international muslim. it's become an international incident. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening. for people in florida, and all along the atlantic and gulf coasts, this has been a quiet hurricane season. since june, nothing. but now, all of a sudden, there are three storms out there, and they are all gaining strength. tropical storms ana and bill have formed in the atlantic, and tropical storm claudette is poised to hit the panhandle of florida tonight. abc's jeffrey kofman is there. >> reporter: what a different a day or two can make. on friday, this hurricane season with a nonstarter. suddenly, this weekend, three tropical storms formed, one of them popped up overnight in the gulf of mexico and now making landfall here on the florida panhandle. >> i think in the end, this is a warning shot. the gulf is more prime than usual for intensification this year. >> reporter: the sleepy hu
. it will have a big impact on our economy and our jobs. i call this the full employment act for india and china. what we are going to do if we pass this bill, and by the way, we talk about what the greatest threat to freedom is this is that the health care bill or the capt. trade bill? they are both huge threat, but i think the capt. trade is even more -- i think the cap and the trade is even more dangerous. you'll know that it will haven't -- not have an impact on global climate change because factories and plants and facilities in so many of the things of our manufactured in our industrial sector will move from the united states and will move to china and will move to india and indonesia and it is interesting because i follow these global climate packs and when you go to these things, there is only one thing the rest of the world can agree on. they want the united states to go first. they want us to drop off the close first. that is why the day that the u.s. house of representatives passed that capt. trade bill -- that c and trade bill, they had parades' in the streets in india. i hope that n
, to places on the other side of the world, like india. and it wouldn't be possible without teens. >> teenagers are powerful. the youth is powerful. and by getting involved, and realizing that you're important, that you're worth it. you can make a change in your own community. with that as a part of your life, you can do anything. >> i've got to see a house from the beginning, where it's an empty lot, to a finished product, which is great. and i hope i can continue working with habitat the rest of my life. >> if you want to get involved, see if your school has a habitat for humanity club you can join. if it doesn't, consider starting one. visit teenkidsnews.com and follow the links to learn more. mwanzaa? >> thanks felipe. >>> the word "meh" -- m-e-h. it used to be something only a "simpsons" fan would say. but a major dictionary has now made "meh" an official word. it means "i don't much care." as in, would you rather watch re-runs of "one tree hill" or "gossip girl?" meh. >> hey, i love those shows! >>> coming up next -- the few. the proud. nicole takes us on a special visit wit
, unos niÑos son lanzados desde una mezquita en la india, segÚn la tradiciÓn, garantiza la salud, y la prosperidad, pero sin duda, es muy controversial, de esta forma nosos a yiukpah@tvn÷cgwa]kph@h@h@tvn÷cg rdo ar, h@h@tvrqfkph@h@nos h dea canción que uso tvxcgkph@h@acer la homosexualidad, todo esto y mucho mÁs, el primer impacto extra. >> en california, miles de bomberos, parecen estar ganando ante decenas de incendios forestales. >> tambiÉn, el presidente hugo chÁvez, dijo que los paÍses como venezuela y sus aliados son los mÁs importantes, en cuanto a la presencia militar en amÉrica latina. >> todo esto y mucho mÁs esta tarde en noticiero univisiÓn. h@h@tvn÷cg[oskph@tvn÷cgph@tvh@h estÁs de gira? >> a mi me gusta, si no fuera por los aviones serÍa perfecto, a mÍ lo que menos me cansa es cantar, me gusta mucho. >> y cÓmo escoges las canciones? >> es lo mÁs difÍcil de todo, ahora cuando salga por la puerta me van a decir porque no hiciste...? pero h@h@tvn÷cgpgmk@ >> si, h@tvn÷cgx[okph@h@h@tvn÷ck era como el resumen completo de la caÓn.tvn÷]kph@h@ >> muchtvn÷hk
an hour and he wasn't actually detained but the story was front page news in india. >>> taiwan the president of the country said 3,000 have been air lift from a village bur buried by mudslides. at least 35,000 were rescued. the death toll could top 5,000. aid showing up including tent -- thousands are living in shelters. more than 59 country's have offered help. >>> a tropical storm taking aim at the gulf coast. claudette threaten the panhandle with heavy rain and high winds. anna and bill are in the atlantic. we have that story tonight. >> residents along the panhandle are bracing for claudettee likely to be the first storm to strike the united states main land this year. shoppers are already clearing shelfs of emergency supplies like water and batteries. >> starting to see customer interest in hurricane related items. >> forecasters agree. >> the gulf is more primed than usual for strong storms. >> two more storms are already lining up in the ocean aimed at united states. anna at 40 miles an hour and then bill. >> i think bill is going to be a major hurricane. it may cr
that will cut the fat so an india pale ale is great for that, this is ipa, and the interesting thing about these, these were designed to make the trip between britain and india, so the hop is acted as preverveive, last a long time and great with high fat foods. >> by the way, mouth wash bef i go to church. >> good idea. >> this is looks like thai food. >> spicy, ethnic food, you want to keep it local to where you're eating and that's my plan on how to pair properly. you also want something that has a greater ifme er ier i er ier . this is victory prima. this is a little hard to find but a delicious, really refreshing beer and goes really well with spicy food and then when i say keep it local, i mean this is what i'm always craving, when i'm having ethnic food, vietnamese, thai, asian, japanese, ioire always want to drink an asian beer. they're meant to be together. >> like a side. >> the sapporo we have here and eating spicy mexican, stick to mexico v a modello. barbecue, it's summertime. people have a misconception that guinness is high inical ris and really rich. it's actually refreshing. it i
to call this glass new. it goes back to the origins of world trade to the east india company and hudson bay company. there is nothing particularly new to be a fruitless soldier and diplomat or preacher or businessman or woman for decades ibm employees have said the initial stand for i have been moved. what is new, the relos themselves, the breadwinners -- i will start -- what is new is growth in numbers of corporate relos, a figure i estimate to be about 10 million people, that is the breadwinners themselves and their families and how that has grown with the growth of the american economy. american foreign trade to cite a statistical the goods and services we buy and sell abroad has leaped from about $400 million in 1970 to over 3 trillion now as companies american and foreign compete. they need people to carry their banner and build business far from home. you've not heard the word reloville because i made it up. it is about workers and families frequently relocating, they are see real long-distance movers. the word relos originated among agents who specialize in catering to them. relo
killed more than 800 people worldwide since april. in india, hindu priests held a fire ritual to seek divine intervention to stop the spread of the h1n1 virus. and in israel, a group of rabbis and jewish mystics sought to do the same thing in an airplane service where they chanted prayers and blew rams' horns or shofars while flying over the country. here in washington this week, president obama hosted a special medal of freedom ceremony at the white house. the president gave america's top civilian honor to sixteen people he called "agents of change." among the honorees were two prominent religious leaders. retired anglican archbishop desmond tutu was recognized for his fight against apartheid in south africa, and his efforts for reconciliation after apartheid ended. reverend joseph lowery was honored for his longtime civil rights work. obama called him "a giant of the moses generation of civil rights leaders." we have a special report today about the spafford children's center, a charity in jerusalem's old city. it's mission: caring for the physical and psychological well- being of p
security. >>> one of india'sla biggest moe stars was detained for two hours at newark's airport after they spotted the word "con" in his name. they say he was questioned for a little over an hour as a standard process for screening foreign travelers. he was heading to chicago to promote a new film about racial profiling. >>> and maryland governor has his own plan toro pduce $750 p million in state spending. the y udget secret to cut a 0cut another $toiollmin. a tcaloo lteid a to local governments, which will affect community le csge collegesnd and roads.s. he has been looking forgut ts c board of public works next week. >>> it will provide college kids extra security and parents extra peace of mind. it's to make sure they stay safe. derrick ward has more. >> reporter: move in day, the right of passages for sons and daughters. howard university and american university, parents say good-bye. >> i am not concerned about leaving her by herself. i am concerned about some of the things that may go on in the city. >> this is the best part of the city as far as i know. we are very excited. i
and india, you have to have a strategy for economic growth and development in a periodic and serious challenges. our argument is that we want that build a safe and prosperous future, we need to create the most productive, most creative, must entrepreneurialism, pro- market economy that runs on smart an effective economic regulation. let me be clear. i believe that if you set out and say what would maximize the number of law entrepreneurs in america, there are ways to do that. what would maximize the number of businesses created by small businesses, there are ways to do that. if you said, how can i have the most continuous process of innovation, we know how to do that. it just does not fit the political elite definition of the future, which is high tax, big bureaucracy, and politician- centered. long term, we won the budgetary reform legislation. more than a dozen bills introduced to establish entitlement and budget commission's, but it all the legislation did was have the same all conversation with in the same old frameworks, you impact would not achieve very much. you end up with an
in december. there are international negotiations. i do not know how to get china and india to come along. if they will go along with it and we will not lose all manufacturers to china -- you understand china is in number one emitter of pollution, not the united states. they do not want to do it. india is even more adamant about doing it. then we lose their jobs. we need to get china under the umbrella and it takes a 2/3 vote in the senate to get it done. i think there is some protection for our consumers and interesindustry. >> glad to see you again today. i am a veteran. i am very proud to be a veteran. [applause] i belong to the american legion. in order for a person to be called a veteran that has to serve in the military, there are lots of people that are called veterans that cannot belong to the american legion. congress after world war roman one set up the american legion. is the largest veterans' organization in the world. we have a lot of people. in order to belong to the american legion, you had to be in the service during a war. we had a lot of people that after correa, vietnam
the same weekend one of india's biggest move i stars was reportedly detained for two hours. it happened at newark's airport after immigration officials spotted the word khan in .s name. the bollywood superstar was on his way to chicago when he was held for questioning. customs officials d ieny the clm and say he was questioned for a little over an hour as part of a standard process for screening foreign travelers. coincidentally, khan was heading to chicago to promote his new film about racial profiling. >>> up next on "news 4 today," grab the sunscreen. it's going to be a sweltering sunday. chuck bell's full forecast coming up next. >>> and he dominated in college. the nationals betting he'll do the same for them. details of a record-setting offer coming up. >>> their canvas is a concrete wall. 100 artists creating one massive work of art in northeast. they are painting a mural in the edgewood neighborhood. when they are done, the mural will be longer than a football field. artists of all ages andarying talents are taking part. if you would like to have a look, just hop on the train. y
of sweet out there and less sugar getting grown. it doesn't help that india the world's second largest producer suffers from a bad drought. like most economic issues these days, politics is a big part of the recipe. food companies pay higher prices for u.s. sugar because it's artificially high. kept that way for powerful lawmakers supporting the sugar beet and cane sugar farmers. chocolate and cookie makers want president obama to allow them to have more sugars overseas. there is a big debate simmering about that. even whether there is really a shortage of sugar in spite of the high prices. before you go to sugar shock, fearful you won't get hersheys, america won't likely run out of sugar. we don't emergency reserve like we do with the other commodity we crave, oil, but many of producers have stock piles so there is no need to horde the favorite food, though the world futures for the sweet stuff is on a sugar high in the economic times, racing prices for sugar, and like is one temptation most big food firms might have to resist. >> shannon: all right. i have to tell you that the produc
is in jeopardy if we don't have an energy policy. china and india are prepped to take it. their energy policy will hand it to them because we won't compete. available, affordable energy. mother's milk of the future of this country. and if we don't have a vibrant economy, we will never have the resources to pay down the debt. if we don't drill, opec will. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the stage national blogger with hotair.com, ed morrissey. [applause] >> good morning. i hope you are enjoying a great lineup here. what a great conference we're having, right? absolutely. [applause] >> i'm thinking to myself, americans for prosperity, i don't know, some of you may remember a time when that would have been considered a redundacy. it's like saying swimmers are getting wet. america was built on prosperity. a lot of people don't think about it. some people just flat out deny it. people will tell you that american prosperity was an accident of history. we just happened to land on a continent with a lot of natural resources. we just happened to build a country of mighty arsenal o
percentage of the nuclear weapons and still do. i am not sure exactly when india and pakistan became a clear powers, but certainly there are continual threat today. ronald reagan worked hard on non-proliferation as well as negotiating the soviets to eliminate an entire class of nuclear weapons. the intermediate range nuclear forces that the soviets had it directed toward cities in western europe, and he did that successfully. those weapons were eliminated. the first time in the united states history that the number of nuclear weapons has actually declined on both the soviet and u.s. side. guest: this is the key thing. it happened 20 years ago. up until that time all the other people were getting more and more nuclear weapons. in fact, about 95% came from the soviet union and the u.s. ronald reagan work on it for seven years and finally got the soviets to agree with him. they dropped down about 50% of all their nuclear weapons. it made things a lot better for everyone. it was not finished. there was a lot more work that had to begin. as it happened during the last 20 years not that much was b
and leaving two others critically injured. consider the tom cruise of india but the bollywood star did not get v.i.p. treatment at newark airport in new jersey, he was pulled aside an questioned for nearly two hours when his name came up on a computer alert lirs and immigration officials were required to follow procedures and hold him and he was allowed to leave after the indian embassy intervened. and no word on why his name popped up. check out this video. in a vacation of the friendly persuasion, hundreds of gi-joes parachuted from the sky and descended on kansas city and the 12 inch action figures braved the 42-story jump from the top of the hyatt regency hotel and all part of the international g.i. joe convention to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the toy. those are your headlines. and let's go outside to mike and clayton! >> you have to get out here. [cheers and applause]. >> all those women from new jersey are having a good time in midtown manhattan, from ben and jerry, look whose here, jerry and who is your friend, peter lind. >> he's one of the flavor gurus, and a tie dye kind of gu
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)